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Junior 3 REIGN

SKKY Gives Back


2013-2014 Season Video Montage

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Youth 3 Flash and Junior 2 Sparkles are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!


US FINALS-Amazing performances by all of our teams! Everyone had a top 5 finish!

1st & NATIONAL CHAMPIONS-Flash and Sparkles, 2nd-Dazzlers & Shimmer, 3rd-Radiance, 4th-Twinkles & Shine, 5th-Rays & Glisten



BEAST OF THE EAST-Great results for our last regular comp! Junior 4 FIRST PLACE & GRAND CHAMPS! Tiny 1, Junior 2, Senior 4 all FIRST PLACE! Mini 1, Youth 3 (as Jr 3), Senior 2 all second place. Junior 1, Mini 2 (as Youth 2) & Senior 2, third place!! 


REACH THE BEACH-Mini 2 1st Place and NATIONAL CHAMPS! Tiny  Solo and Youth duet 1st place,  Mini solo, Stunt Group, Youth 3 & Junior 4 second place, Junior 2 third place!

LIVE-Junior 1 third, Mini 1 second place. Tiny 1, Mini 2, Youth 4 (level up from 3) FIRST PLACE. Junior 4, FIRST PLACE, LEVEL 4 GRAND CHAMPS & PAID BID!!


JAMFEST-Awesome day for the entire gym!  Jr 2 1st-GRAND CHAMPS & FULL PAID BID!!  Tiny 1, Jr 1,  Mini 2, Youth 4 all FIRST place!  Senior 2, Junior 4 & Senior 4 second, Mini 1 third!!!

Cheer for Charity-Great performances by all level 1 teams! Mini 2, Junior 4 & Senior 4 all second place! Youth 3, Junior 2 & Senior 2 all FIRST Place!



Battle at the Capitol 1st place & national champions-Senior 4 & Youth 3! 2nd place-Mini 2, Jr 2 & Senior 2, 3rd place-Jr 4! Amazing performances by all teams!



Battle at the Boardwalk National Champions Junior 2 Sparkles and Youth 3 Flash!!



Battle of the States! What an awesome day for our teams! 


 9 1st Place Awards---4 Level Champions---1 GRAND CHAMPION & PAID BID to US Finals For Our Youth Flash!!---Team Spirit Award



Snowy Day at Cheersport, but SKKY was HOT!

Great Job to all teams who competed at The Cheer & Dance Masters! Congratulations to Junior Sparkles for winning the Judge's WOW Award! 



Thank you for your support! SKKY collected 863 lbs. of food! Congrats to Junior SHINE for collecting the most items!!

Team Nalan & SKKY Allstars, WE FIGHT LIKE GIRLS!!!

Volunteering At Making Strides For Breast Cancer Walk 2013


Thank you to everyone for supporting the SKKY 4th Annual Beef & Cheer!!

Thank you for coming to the Zumba Party to Benefit Lisa's Army

See us in action!!!! Click the images below to view our videos....


Meet Skky Allstars                  Skky Flipping out


SKKY will have 10 competitive teams for the upcoming season levels 1-4 & ages 3-18. We are also taking registration for our Pre-tiny team and our LIVE champions SHOOTING STARS (Special Needs team).  If you have not yet registered please contact Tina via email at skkyallstars@gmail.com or 267-312-5759.  


Interested in ROUTINE CHOREOGRAPHY for your school or pop warner team? 

Contact Coach Aleah at skkyallstars@gmail.com for further information.


      All the way to VA to bring 1st back to PA!!!! 



Mini 2 Dazzlers 2nd in the Nation!!

Senior 4.2 Glisten 2nd in the nation!!!

Senior 3 Shimmer 3rd out of 17!!!

Youth 3 flash 5th out of 10!!

Junior 2 Sparkles 6th out of 19!!

Tiny Twinkles 7th out of 10!!

Youth 1 Shine 10th out of 12!! 

Congratulations to all SKKY teams for amazing performances at US FINALS and an outstanding season! 



We've reached for the stars and now we own the sky......!

Exceeding expectations, rising to the top, SKKY ALLSTARS, our reign will never stop!!!



Youth Flash National Champions at Hershey Nationals!!!


LIVE-Great performances by all teams! Way to show your stuff on the Red Carpet!

JAMFEST-Tiny Twinkles 2nd, Mini Dazzlers 1st, Youth Shine BEST Sportsmanship, Youth Flash 1st, Junior Sparkles 4th out of 11 teams, Junior Radiance 1st, Senior Shimmer 1st, Senior Glisten 2nd, Glow Expo Champtions, & our Shooting Star Champions

Battle at the Capitol-All level 3 teams second place!

Cheer for Charity-Tiny 1 Twinkles, Mini 2 Dazzlers, Youth 3 Flash FIRST PLACE! Junior 2 Sparkles & Senior 3 Shimmer SECOND PLACE! Junior 3 Radiance THIRD PLACE!

Battle at the Boardwalk-Junior 3 Radiance 1st Place Champions, Mini 2 Dazzlers 3rd Place!

Battle of the States- All teams received BIDS to US FINALS!! Junior 2 Sparkles & Youth 3 Flash GRAND CHAMPIONS!!!!

Cheerleading Masters-Great job by all! Junior 3 Radiance made the Sweet 16-TOP 16 score of the ENTIRE DAY!!




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